About Us

On January 1st 2020, our family business Summer Reign Candles, my 5 year old daughter’s namesake, was born. Summer is a little lady with a big personality. She lights up my life and the lives of everyone she meets, through her personality and now her candles. We launched this company for two reasons: teaching Summer and her brother Jayden entrepreneurship to develop life-long skills, and as Summer’s nest egg for college. As a single mother and entrepreneur running my own business I recognize the value of developing the lifelong skills entrepreneurship builds at such a young age. Summer and Jayden have begun learning how to successfully launch, operate, facilitate and grow a business. Growing up these are not skills I gained in traditional schools. Over the past five years I’ve run a small business, growing my communication and networking skills which has saved our family. It is very important to me that my children not only discover their passions and become self-motivated, but that they learn the valuable life skills entrepreneurship offers. This company will be the fuel that power Summer’s college education fund. Every year college tuition and the total cost of attendance rises. I want to enable my children to pursue their passions without the stress of making ends meet that I faced as a first generation college student. I’m a licensed accountant and I promote the importance of staying debt-free. Finally, college is a wonderful experience and I want ‘Reigny’ to enjoy it without worrying about the debt that can follow her for years

with so much love,
Summer, Jayden and Tori Wilson